29 January 2012

supper to make you 'slim' :p

It's already ten past midnight. And I am so full with the 'calorieful' midnight supper I just had. I swear I won't weigh myself in a couple of days.

I should actually be already in bed by now. But since my only activity these days is lazing around, I sleep whenever I want, and pretty much wake up whenever I want. And so I slept at 7 something after Isya' prayer (Isya time is before 7) this evening, then woke up hungry at 11 o'clock. I took a quick shower to freshen up, and went to the kitchen to get something to eat.

I found nothing except half loaf of bread. The dull bread was not exciting enough. So I thought, I'd go for something richer (definitely with calories) like Nigella Lawson's Doughnut French Toast (ala, kalau macam kite punye roti celup telur tu, then salutkan dengan gula). Those went of course, with a cup of coffee.

That supper treat resulted in me being not only full, but wide awake. Let's just say I am 100% confident I will finish the James Patterson's 7th Heaven by 6 in the morning... what a way of life ey.

(This was taken when I was in a cafe yesterday killing time before going for my part-time job)



Shidah said...

lor kesian dia makan roti je ye..tak pe rehat puas2 nanti dah start keje x sempat rehat

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