29 January 2012

supper to make you 'slim' :p

It's already ten past midnight. And I am so full with the 'calorieful' midnight supper I just had. I swear I won't weigh myself in a couple of days.

I should actually be already in bed by now. But since my only activity these days is lazing around, I sleep whenever I want, and pretty much wake up whenever I want. And so I slept at 7 something after Isya' prayer (Isya time is before 7) this evening, then woke up hungry at 11 o'clock. I took a quick shower to freshen up, and went to the kitchen to get something to eat.

I found nothing except half loaf of bread. The dull bread was not exciting enough. So I thought, I'd go for something richer (definitely with calories) like Nigella Lawson's Doughnut French Toast (ala, kalau macam kite punye roti celup telur tu, then salutkan dengan gula). Those went of course, with a cup of coffee.

That supper treat resulted in me being not only full, but wide awake. Let's just say I am 100% confident I will finish the James Patterson's 7th Heaven by 6 in the morning... what a way of life ey.

(This was taken when I was in a cafe yesterday killing time before going for my part-time job)


24 August 2011

school sweet school

It is 11.20 pm and I am still at school. Believe me, being alone in a huge building is not fun. Walking along the hallway to get some coffee from the vending machine is even creepier. I have no choice. Really need to hand in another chapter this Friday. It has been dragging for so long. I can't even remember when was the original deadline.

I miss my home, my bed. Like really badly. Can you imagine how home-type I am? It has not even been twenty four hours since I left home. And it's not like I have a husband at home waiting for me (awww.. ). Ahahaha.

Owh and also, I only had (instant) noodle for fast-breaking. Padan muka kau, buat lagi keje last minute.

23 August 2011

pc crashing is a nightmare

It has been so long since I last wrote. Well, considered long for a blogger. But I am not a consistent blogger, so it is fine. Besides, I don't think anyone cares.. haha.

Last week, my pc crashed. I was freaking out as all my data and written stuff were in there. To make it worse, I had not been backing up the data since a month before the crash. Just imagine, if I lost all of them, I would lose a month worth of work. But thankfully, John (the IT technician) saved my life. Pheww~

Since then, I do the back-up every day. Lesson learnt.

Today was just another day. It is not that exciting anymore. Friends left (home for good) and some are leaving. Luckily I still have my housemate, kak Shidah.

I need to leave too. Missing my family badly. I really hope I can finish this phd as soon as possible. No. Actually, I desperately need to finish. :p

Eid this year will most probably be celebrated in lab, ..or office, ..or library, ...or in a messed up house unpacking boxes. Yup. We will be moving in to a new house (smaller) on the day before Eid. Exciting huh?

21 March 2011

spring comes back, and here are some updates..

Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming and the air is not too cold any more hence the gloomy misty days are slowly transferring to more colourful and cheerful days. No 5-6 layers of God-knows-what clothes any more, although I still could not afford wearing just one thin layer, but hey.. what a relief. ;)

My days have been sometimes hectic sometimes leisurely as usual. But the level of stress has been fluctuating crazily. Clock is ticking, I am getting old. Deadlines are approaching thus everything needs to be done needs to be done. Argghhh!

one of the sleepless nights in the library

My biological clock is completely messed up. I could sleep as long as 12 hours, or as short as 2 hours, or not sleeping at all. Some days I work crazily and some days I just don't do anything. I am very well aware that this is one bad way of organising life. In fact, it is not even one inch closer to organising. I know.

another sleepless night in my office

Apart from all depressing situations of mine, these are some events I really look forward to:

1. My parents are visiting this coming April 21st. Seriously can't wait!!!!!!!!

2. Owh and some times early April, Magec is coming to London and we're going to meet. Yeayy!!

3. My housemates and I are going for a trip to Germany, and then Turkey. End of April. Although we are all in tight budget, we are all tak-sedar-diri nak jalan2 jugak. ahaha..

4. My sister is getting married (don't ask when am I going to) in most probably November. Tak sabar nak jadi tuan rumah. :D

And besides all the exciting stuff, these are the nightmares:

1. The KPT allowance is ending in June. I will be runn
ing out of money. On supervision meeting last week, Bob asked me (knowing the situation), "what happens in June?" which then I answered, "I will be begging for food". No, that won't happen (hopefully).. haha.

2. I still have some experimental parts which include about 10 case studies to be finished before I can fully concentrate in writing up. But I hope I could finish this within a week (boleh la sgt?). Well perhaps with a sleepless week, it is possible. (Boleh ke kau x tidur2 kalau hari2 pun overslept? duhh)
And this one, is the latest picture of me and kak Shidah. This was last Saturday at the MNight (Malaysian Night). I know, I know that I am getting wider. I blame the workload that always demand snacking activities. Definitely not my fault! :p

Okaylah kawan2 (bajet macam ramai je baca kan), till we meet again. ;)


4 December 2010

beautiful night

Heavy snow hit us again...

in front of my house

our backyard

Nite nite everyone! *hugs*

2 December 2010

kerja gila yang sedap

Saya telah membuat kerja gila. Membuat ABC daripada snow. Sedapppppppp sehh.. :D

1 December 2010

last minute, clumsy, careless - a complete package of me

Today was bitterly cold, and today hasn't been my day. Not at all.

My student visa will expire on 31 Dec this year. Means in 30 days. Applying for a visa extension here in the UK is something that you won't fancy doing. Nobody would, I think. It consumes your time and your money,also cause you hassles and headache.

Two of the very important documents that I need for the application are the financial affidavit from my sponsor (KPT) which has been posted to me last Friday by KPT but has not arrived ever since, and also ATAS (Academic Approval Technology Scheme) clearance certificate, that I have to apply first by completing the ATAS form, which I have, and then need to be submitted, which I did today. Mind you, it takes up to 4 weeks in order to be granted this ATAS crap. (I heard some people got it within 2 weeks, so I desperately hope that I got mine in not more than 2 weeks too).

Now that I have submitted the ATAS application form, I thought it is a relief as I now just have to wait for the certificate before then I could proceed to submitting my visa application. Unfortunately it was not as easy as I thought it would be. Few hours back, when talking with my housemate (Kak Shidah) only then I realised that I did two mistakes in filling up the form.

First, there was a section asking for my previous granted ATAS certificate and the question where I did wrong was "The date you applied for your previous ATAS certificate". Then I thought, what the heck is this question? Why not just ask for the date the certificate was given instead of the date I applied? So with all the confusion, I went through my old emails, and found these few emails about this ATAS business. I couldn't find any email that I sent for the purpose of applying ATAS. So stupidly, I made a guess. Yes, a guess. So I checked the certificate, then I thought, it must had been few days before I got the certificate. And so it went with the 'brilliantly' guessed date.

Then the second mistake was of the "Referees" part. It needs two referees and I put both my supervisors here as referees without any idea that one of the referees has to be from the country of origin, ie Malaysia. So the form was submitted with these two stupid mistakes and there's no way that I could correct any of them.

To make things worse, the last date that I could submit my visa application through the university International Office is 15th Dec, and the International Office will open again at 4th January 2011 (dorg ni xmas mmg sakan, sama la mcm org Malaysia beraya) which means if I am refused the ATAS clearance certificate, I will have no time at all to apply a new one, hence there's a big potential of being refused the visa as well due to not providing complete supporting documents along with visa application form. And if I fail in the visa application, I have to apply another one which I am not happy to do because each application cost me 360 pound sterling (RM 1800).

Double pats on your shoulder, dear Zaifa. What a super excellent job you have done.

And the PhD has also got its way. Too many things to do with too little time. Research sometimes excites me though. Finding new things does cheer me up every time, and quite often too, I have a moment of "yeah I think I'm a genius" (haha :p ) But then, you know, the more you find, the more clueluess you become, hence the need to dig in more and more. The problem is, when do you stop digging? If you stop now, you will not know more., if you never stop, then your PhD will never end.

There have been seven emails from Bob since yesterday. And I have replied none. Seven emails, each about different things (papers, experiments, comments bla bla bla). Now with all this messed up visa stuff, then with my supervisor's emails, I am tensed. Really really tensed.

Today hasn't been my day. But thanks for being there...

Note: The snowy scenery pictures were taken using my phone on my way back home from school. Not a good quality, but worth a share.. ;)